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Care and Comfort at Home

Buena Vida realizes that most hospice care is provided at home, surrounded by those we love. Our hospice team goes to the patient at home, since home is where most seriously ill people want to be: in familiar surroundings with familiar routines and familiar faces.

The hospice team communicates with the patient’s referring and primary care physicians and the Buena Vida hospice physician to discuss medical history, current physical symptoms, goals of care, preferences for end-of-life care and life expectancy. The other essential components of hospice care will also be discussed with the patient and family upon admission to the hospice agency:

  • Necessary home medical equipment will be delivered, usually within the first 24 hours.
  • Medications related to the life-limiting diagnosis will be delivered to the home.
  • The hospice team’s chaplain and social worker will arrive to provide emotional, psycho social and spiritual assessments that support the plan of care.
  • Individual members of the team will coordinate and schedule regular visits. Some will visit daily, while others will visit weekly, when requested or as needed.
  • You will receive information about how to manage symptoms and how to contact our team if you have a question, if you require acute care, if there’s a crisis, or if you need to see a member of the team.
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